Viva Los Dodgers Days

Every Sunday at every Dodger homestand, you’ll see a celebration of Hispanic culture and the legacy of Latin-American Dodger players past and present.


Viva Los Dodger Days kicked off on April 18. Hoards of curious fans made their way to the Dodger Stadium parking lot to check out the events.


If you weren’t there, you missed a performance by Omar Esau, Kalibre Sierreño and La Klica Norteña. You also missed information booths, giveaways, games and more.


“This is something that’s very good for my heart and my people,” said Esau.


Concerts begin at 11 a.m. outside of center field in Lot G. On May 23, Salvador Santana, the son of legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, will perform at Viva Los Dodgers.


And you just might find a Dodger.


On April 18, former Dodger pitcher Bobby Castillo signed autographs and posed for pictures with the fans.


“Look at all these happy, smiling faces out here. Look at this place,” he said. “Viva los Dodgers.”

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