March 2010

Manny Belliard Drink in Taiwan

Manny Ramirez said he’s been on a bullet train before. One time he rode it in Japan.


It’s lost its flavor.


While waiting for the bullet train in Taiwan during the Dodgers’ March trip to the island, Ramirez wanted to talk about something else.


“I don’t know, but we went and got some snake blood last night,” he said.


He explained that he had a picture of it.


Dodger second baseman Ronnie Belliard tried to pull him back on the subject.


“They’re talking about the train and you’re talking about snake blood? What’s wrong with you?”Belliard asked in a humorous exchange.


Settling in the U.S.

“Si va a suceder, es por que yo quiero.”


Host father of five Dominican-born Ogden Raptors players, Leon Robinson, gave his “kids” dog tags with the saying on it.


And they believe.


The five players, though out of their element, adapted to life in Utah playing for the Dodgers’ Rookie-League club.


“I feel like I’m at home with my real mom,” said Raptor pitcher Luis Vasquez during the 2009 season.


The Robinson family, which has hosted Raptor players for five straight seasons, embraced the five players and the players embraced their new lifestyle.


They even went into a classroom to test their English skills.


It’s their dream to make it to the big leagues, like fellow Dominican Manny Ramirez.


As the flip-side of the dog tag reads: If it’s to be, it is up to me.”