Guest Broadcaster

There are those who dream they can play on the field at Dodger Stadium and then there are those with other Dodger-related dreams.


Raul Ruiz lived his. By being a member of one of the Dodgers’ free fan clubs and winning the “Want to Broadcast a Dodger Game?” contest, Ruiz called an inning of a Dodger game earlier this season.


“I saw a broadcast promotion and I was like, ‘Sure, why not? What are the chances?'” said Ruiz. “Next thing I got the phone call.”


Ruiz got to broadcast at the same time as Hall of Fame broadcasters Vin Scully and Jaime Jarrn in the same press box.


“I’m trying to fill the shoes of Fernando, Vinny, Pepe and Jaime, Rick, Charley. It’s just a dream come true,” said Ruiz.


This was the first of six entry periods for the contest. Each winner receives tickets to that day’s game and gets to call an inning. Those broadcasts are then put up for a vote on each of the four fan club pages on with there ultimately being a grand-prize winner.  The winner will be determined from a finalist round in September and they will receive four Field Level tickets to a game and make a guest appearance on DodgerTalk with Ken Levine and Josh Suchon.


Ruiz, a little nervous, said he felt like calling a game was over his head. But it was also something beyond his imagination.


“It’s pretty much a dream come true right now,” he said.

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I filled out one too thru the Women fan club but so far they have not called me. I was thinking of doing it thru the Viva Azul club. I would not mind trying it out in English or Spanish.

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