Belliard is Back

Ronnie Belliard is back with the Dodgers, and it’s about another chance for a World Series for the veteran infielder , who was picked up late in the season by the 2006 Cardinals and helped that team win its first World Series title since 1982.


“The thing is doing whatever it takes to help this team win a World Series,” said Belliard. “That’s what everything is about, you know?”


Belliard said that the key to postseason success is to stay cool in the moment, while still rising to the occasion when your moment comes. He already had one such moment for the Dodgers, as he came through with a big hit in the Dodgers’ come-from-behind victory over the Cardinals in Game 2 of the NLDS. With the Dodgers trailing by a run and two out in the bottom of the ninth, Belliard hit a single up the middle that scored the tying run to set up the dramatic Mark Loretta single that drove in Casey Blake for the winning run in the 3-2 game. 


Belliard has a simple philosophy when it comes to October dramatics.


“You have to get there first before you worry about it,” said Belliard. “And then when you get there, you don’t worry about it.”

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